Legoland Hotel – Everything Is Awesome!

We love Legoland, and many people ask if staying in the Legoland Hotel is worth the money.
So, we stayed there recently to find out for ourselves, and the answer is – it’s 100% worth it!!

Our kids may have actually been more excited about the hotel than the park, and it’s easy to see why.

There are cute Lego figures all around the outside of the hotel,
and all around the inside.

In the lobby, there is a Lego pit for kids to play in while parents check in.What a dream for all of us!

There is also a huge castle and pirate ship play area with more Lego pits, Lego tables, a chalkboard wall, and lots of fun characters and photo ops.

The fun continues as you go to your room – there is a whoopee cushion in the carpet by the elevator, and when you jump on it, it makes different funny noises.This never got old with our kids, even after four days!

Then, as you ride up the elevator, a disco ball turns on, dancing music starts and the kids go wild!It is so funny!

At the Legoland Hotel, you can choose from several different theme rooms.
We chose an adventure room, so when we got off the elevator on our floor, we were greeted by this Lego adventurer who talked to us:
Probably the best part of all is the treasure hunt.
Every room has a treasure chest with a combination lock.
When you arrive at the hotel, the kids are given a treasure hunt to do around the lobby and hallway areas, and once they complete it, it gives them the combination to the lock.
Every day that you stay at the Legoland Hotel, a new Lego surprise is put in the treasure chest for the kids.
How cool is that?!?

Our kids actually begged us to leave the park to take naps because they were so excited to go back and see their treasure!!

The kids were also happy to go to bed at night because they got to sleep in these cool bunk beds in their own area of the room with their own TV.

We were really impressed with all of the thoughtful details for kids, including a night light, a stool in the bathroom and a kid-friendly toilet seat!
And of course, every room has a bucket of Legos for kids to play with.

Included with every stay is a breakfast buffet each morning at Bricks Family Restaurant.
It is so fun with Lego figures all around, and a special buffet line just for kids.

There is also a pool with large floating Legos to play with.

In addition, our kids were able to trade Lego Minifigures with employees around the hotel, and all hotel guests get to enter the park early every morning.

One night during our stay, we went next door to the Legoland Castle Hotel to eat dinner at the Dragon’s Den Restaurant.

This hotel also has so many fun features around the lobby and hallways,

and it has a large outdoor park with a playground, a toddler area, and an outdoor movie screen.The kids had a great time burning off some energy before dinner!

Inside the restaurant, there was another Lego pit where the kids could play while waiting for the food to come,

and there was a fun, interactive show going on.

The Legoland Hotels have thought of every detail to keep kids and parents happy and entertained, and staying there will definitely be a special memory for your family.
We highly recommend it, and are already looking forward to going back and experiencing a different theme!

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